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Nobody beats us as THE source for specialized CB radio technical information.  That includes free reference info like that on this page. 

NEW FREE DOWNLOAD! Specific Power & Modulation Tweaks for PLL CBs (184Kb ZIPped PDF
This new addition comes straight from Appendix F of our "Screwdriver Expert's Guide", and lists thousands of CB radios alphabetically by the PLL chip they use.  Find your CB model in the list and you'll see exactly which coils, controls, or parts to tweak for maximum RF power output and modulation.  Just another example of the huge amount of technical information available in our CB books, plans, and kits!
Mike Wiring Guide
Need to rewire a mike or add a power mike?  We tell you exactly how to do it.  Find out the functions of each mike socket pin or mike cable wire, cure squeals, etc.
The CB EPROM DATA BOOK (948KB PDF) Learn advanced frequency modifications using these amazing programmable chips.  This 60-page manual picks up where THE CB PLL DATA BOOK leaves off.   Even includes PC board artwork to make your own modification circuits for many popular PLL chips.  The EPROM book's now out of print, and this free download is the only way to learn about this subject!
Secrets of Broadbanding
You just modified that CB to expand its frequency range. But it doesn't want to tune more than a few channels up or down from the FCC band without quitting.  This illustrated reference includes  many broadbanding tricks used by the pros to cover more frequencies.  You won't find this information anywhere else!
Expanded CB Channel Frequency & VCO Chart (14Kb PDF)
This is an 8-Band chart showing the most common expanded frequencies by channel number, relative to the “legal” FCC channels.  Shows Ch.1–40 on each band.  Covers 25.165 MHz–28.755 MHz.  Includes the typical VCO mixing frequencies found in all the popular "export" type models that use PLL crystal mixing.  Download and print this 1-page handy reference!
CB Crystal Mixing Charts (approx. 20Kb each PDF)
We've gathered all our crystal synthesizer mixing schemes into these handy 1-page PDF files.  Each file includes every known make and model that used the particular mixing method.  Includes 95% of all mobile & base crystal-synthesized CBs!  Use these to figure out those "dead channel" or "dead channel group" symptoms in the older models, or figure your own new frequencies for modifications.  Download and print for a handy reference!
SAMS CB Fotofacts® Complete Model Index + Our Own Data (156Kb)
Check our detailed Web page to see if you can get the technical info you need to maintain and repair your older radio.  The famous “SAMS” books were the easiest to read, with large fold-out schematics, voltages, service & alignment information, layout photos, parts lists, etc.  Plus dozens of similar models that we’ve added.  This list includes over 1700 models.  FREE DOWNLOAD!   We're the only CB company that's made this hard-to-find index freely available to you.   Click the link above to view, save, or print it.

All About Speech Processing (27Kb incl. graphics)
Learn the basic technical theory behind our very popular DYNAMIC SPEECH PROCESSOR.  This short illustrated tour describes the pros and cons of the four most common speech processing methods used in radio communications.  Don't be misled by "power mike" ads; learn the TRUTH here!

Roger Beep Oscillator Schematic (19K GIF)

Yeah, we either love 'em or hate 'em, and here's how to build one...

FM3 FM Converter Schematic (54K GIF)

The MC1358/LM3065 IC in our FM2 kit was discontinued by Motorola. Here's the FM3, a newer, simpler version with the common µPC1028H chip still being used.

Don't forget our online CB Catalog!

It's always a good idea to have our paper catalog handy.  Feel free to download it here in PDF format so you can view it or print it at your convenience.  This catalog file includes the Order Form, but if that's all you need you can download it directly (244Kb PDF) here.