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The following are links to our 1-page crystal charts in Adobe PDF format.  These 36 charts show the mixing synthesis of almost every American mobile and base AM and AM/SSB CB radio ever made that used crystal synthesis. (Plus a few Canadian models.) This includes all the 23-channel solid-state and tube models, as well as most older 3-Ch. or 6-Ch. handhelds or tube type bases that used socketed plug-in crystals.

The charts show exactly which crystals are used in which channel positions.  If you have a "dead channel" symptom or a group of dead channels, you'll quickly see the exact crystal associated with a particular function.  One crystal usually controls a group of 4 or 6 channels, or even all 23 channels in the case of a TX or RX local oscillator or SSB carrier oscillator.

They're also useful for frequency modifications to 10 Meters or elsewhere.  You could either replace specific crystals, or add new ones to expand the total number of channels.

These files are named according to the Ch.1 crystal frequencies and are grouped by AM or AM/SSB models.   If you know which crystals your rig uses you can simply compare that information to this list, then open and print the correct chart.  Under each filename we've also included every make and model known to have used that synthesis scheme.  (Probably will be others!)

For more complete service information you can also try SAMS directly or the manufacturers that are still around. These are listed in detail in our SAMS Fotofacts™ and sources pages at:  www.cbcintl.com/sams.htm    or    www.cbcintl.com/suppliers.htm

AM 14950-23290-11275-11730.pdf
    Cobra 19, 19M, 21, 29, CAM-89
    Courier Cadet 23, Caravelle, Caravelle II, Classic II, Conqueror, Conqueror II, Rebel 23+
    Fanon Fanfare 100, 880
    Gemtronics GTX-2300
    HyGain 670, 670A, 671, 671A, 671B, 672, 672B, 673 (HyRange IV), 3077 (VII)
    JC Penney 981-6213
    Kraco KCB2310
    Kris 23+
    Lafayette Comstat 25A, 25B, Comstat 35, HB525, HB525A, HB525B, HB525C, HB525D, HB525E, HB525F,
         HB625, Telsat 23
    Midland 13-852, 13-853, 13-857, 13-858, 13-861, 13-863, 13-866, 13-882, 13-882B, 13-883,
         13-884, 13-886
    Pearce-Simpson Cougar 23 (early prod.), Tomcat 23
    Realistic TRC24B, TRC24C, TRC30, TRC30A, TRC52, TRC56
    Regency CR202, Formula/23
    Royce 1-605A
    Sharp CB-500UB, CB-700, CB-800
    Teaberry Mighty "T", Model "T", "T" Charlie One, "T" Control, "T" Scout, "T" (23 ch.), Tele "T"
    Truetone MCC4434A-67, MCC4635A-67, MCC4733A-67, MCC4760A-67, MCC4774,
           MIC4731A-67, MIC4739A-67
AM 37600-10180-10635.pdf
    Alaron B-1100
    Allied 2569
    Audiovox MCB500
    Beltek Enduro 23
    Boman CB-755
    Claricon Activator, Intruder, Pirate, Privateer, Raider
    Commando 2310, 2340
    Courier Cruiser, Redball
    Craig 4103, 4104, 4201
    Fulcomm 2300, 2301, 2302
    Gemtronics GTX-23, GTX-3323, GTX-36, GT-230
    Granada CB-6, CB-7
    JC Penney 981-6051 (Golden Pinto), 981-6235, 981-6236 (981-0607), 985-6060 (Pinto 23B)
    J.I.L. 606CB, 852CB
    Kris Valiant, XL-23, XL-25
    Lafayette Com-Phone 23, Com-Phone Mark II, HB650, HB700, Telsat1023, Micro 723,
             Publicom I, Telsat 925, Telsat 1000
    Mark Invader 23
    Midland 13-862, 13-862B, 13-864, 13-867, 13-869, 13-877, 13-879, 13-879B, 13-887
    Olson CB88, CB409
    Pace CB113, 123A (early & late prod.), C123A. 130, CB133, CB143, CB144, CB162
    Panasonic CR-B1717EU, RJ-3200
    Pearce-Simpson Bearcat 23, 23B, 23C, Bobcat 23, 23B, 23C, 23E, Cougar 23 (late prod.), Cougar 23B,
             Lynx 23, Puma 23, 23B, 23C, Pussycat 23, SuperLynx, Tiger 23B, 23C
    Ray Jefferson CB705, CB905
    Realistic TRC23B, TRC40, TRC49 (Pro-Niner), TRC50, TRC50B, TRC61, TRC68
    Regency CR142, CR185, CR186, CR230, Sprint/23, Sprint/23 II
    Robyn BB-123, DG-30, GT-VIIB, J-123, K-123, LB-23, LB-23A, SX101, SX102, T-123, TR123B,
             TR123C,WV-23, WV-23A, XL-1, XL-2
    Royce 1-600A, 1-600B, 1-602A, 1-620, 1-624, 1-650
    Rystl CBR-1700, CBR-1800
    SBE 9CB (Catalina), 11CB (Trinidad), 22CB (Catalina II), 34CB (Brute)
    Sears 934.367405
    Shakespeare GBS-1500, GBS-2000, GBS-2500
    Surveyor 2100, 2300, 2400, 2600
    Teaberry Big "T", 5x5
    Truetone DX4370, MCC4532A-57. MCC4434A-57, MCC4532A-47, MCC4724A-77
    Unimetrics Dolphone, Mako-I, Marlin-I, Porpoise-I, Sea Horse-I
    Vector VI, IX
    XTAL XCB-4, XCB-5, XCB-6, XCB-7, XCB-11, XCB-12, XCB-23A, XCB-28, XCB-88
    Zodiac M-5023, M-5026
AM 37600-11090-10635.pdf
    Midland 13-870D, 13-872
AM 10850-8615-7500-7975.pdf
    Allied 2567
    Cobra CAM-88, 98
    Regency Imperial II
AM 11705-7460-7800-7345.pdf
    Browning Brownie
    Cobra 85
    Tram XL
AM 16200-4765-6000-5545.pdf
    Sonar FS-23, FS-3023
AM 16965-9545-1000.pdf
    Allied A-2561, A-2564, A-2568
    Browning SST
    Cobra 24, 25, 28A, 880
    Craig 4101, 4102
    Jet Sounds CB7000
    Kraco KCB1401
    Lafayette Comstat 23 Mark V, Mark VI, Dyna-Com 23, HB625A
    Midland 13-871, 13-881
    Pace CB145
    PAL Roadrunner 23
    Pearce-Simpson Bobcat 23D
    SBE 10CB (Coronado II), 21CB (Cortez), 29CB (Catalina III, Malibu), 30CB (Trinidad II)
    Siltronix Apache, Mohawk
    Tram D40
    Vector IV
AM 32700-6190-5735.pdf
    Johnson Messenger 122, 123A, 123SJ, 130A, 132, 223, 250
AM 32845-10180-4300-4755.pdf
    Johnson Messenger 124, 124M, 320, 323, 323A, 323M
AM 33000-6490-6035.pdf
    Gemtronics GTX-3000
    Lafayette Micro 923
    Realistic TRC55, TRC101, TRC101B
AM 34971-8461-8006.pdf
    Browning Eaglette, Eaglette 2
    Kris Victor (416-123), Victor II (416-124)
    Pace 223, 2300, 2300A (late production version), TA2300/B, 2376A, 2376B, CB76, DX2300B
AM 38275-11765-11310.pdf
    Lafayette HB-23A, Micro 23, Telsat 150, Telsat 924
    Pearce-Simpson Tiger 23
AM 33165-10500-429875-475375.pdf
    Allied 2533
    Cobra 27
AM 37600-4635-5545-6000.pdf
    Robyn T-123
AM 19005-7505-7960.pdf
    Regency GT-523
Tram Titan IIA, 27D, 27E Xtals.pdf
Walkie-Talkie Xtals.pdf
    This includes virtually all handhelds, and all early base or mobile models that used plug-in crystal sockets.

Browning Mark III.pdf
SSB 11000-81665-81635.pdf
    Courier Centurion SSB, Gladiator SSB
    Pearce-Simpson Cheetah SSB, Simba SSB

SSB 110035-81590-78025.pdf
    Cobra 134 ("Texas Blackface"), 138A, 139
    Midland 13-893, 13-895

SSB 11700-74665-77985.pdf
    SBE 18CB (Sidebander III)
SSB 11700-74625-78025.pdf
    Johnson Messenger 351, Viking 352
    Pace CR1023, CR1023B
    SBE 12CB (Sidebander II), 16CB (Console II)
    Tram XL-5

SSB 11705-74615-74585.pdf
    Boman CB-770
    Cobra 130, 132 (early), 135 (early)
    Gemtronics GTX-2325
    Kris XL-70
    Midland 13-873, 13, 878, 13-880B, 13-885
    Pace Side-Talk 23 (CBST-23)
    Pal Coyote 23
    Robyn SS-747B
    SBE 6CB, 8CB (Console), 9CB (Catalina), 14CB (Super Console)
    Siltronix Cherokee, SSB-23, SSB-23A (Albatross)

SSB 11740-74225-78025.pdf
    Pace Side-Talk 1000B, 1000M
SSB 11805-73615-73585.pdf
    Courier Spartan SSB
    Pearce-Simpson Bengal SSB, Panther SSB
    Regency CR-123, CR-123B
SSB 12800-15965-6000.pdf
    Browning LTD
    Cobra 132 (late), 132A, 135 (late)
    Tram D60

SSB 15282-10635-77965-82485.pdf
    Xtal XSSB-10
SSB 23330-14907-11275-1RX.pdf
    JIL Citizen M5
    HyGain 674B (HyRange V), 3078 (VIII)
    Kraco KCB2340, KB2355
    Lafayette Telsat SSB-75,Telsat SSB-100
    Midland 13-892, 13-976
    Sears 60003
    Truetone MIC4737A-67
    Unimetrics Stingray II
SSB 23330-14907-14904-2RX.pdf
    Realistic TRC47, TRC48
SSB 23330-14910-14907-2RX.pdf
    Lafayette Telsat SSB-25
SSB 37600-101815-110885.pdf
    J.C. Penney 981-6075 (Pinto SSB)
SSB 7766-14907-14904-2RX.pdf
    HyGain 674, 674A
    J.C. Penney 981-6240, 981-6240A
    Lafayette Telsat SSB-25A, SSB-50, SSB-50A
    Midland 13-894, 13-896, 13-898, 13-898B
    Realistic TRC46
    Sears 934.36770, 934.36771, 934.36772

SSB 7779166-14907-14904-2RX.pdf
    Royce 1-630, 1-631, 1-635, 1-640
SSB 8450-133165-133135-5-5.pdf
    Teaberry Twin "T"
Tram D201, D201A.pdf
Tram Titan III, Titan IV.pdf