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Sample cover for T/M Reports (26568 bytes)Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to get the inside information on your CB radio, before investing lots of time or money on a rig that may not have the capabilities you’re looking for. Our giant technical library has specific tune-up, peaking, and modification information for nearly all CBs. We’ve probably got something you need on 95% of all American models, plus many of the more popular foreign and "export" models. That’s over 1700 CBs, from rare old tube types to all the most common and popular crystal and PLL rigs.

Learn how to get maximum receiver sensitivity, RF transmitter power output, modulation and range from your AM or SSB rig by simple adjustments. No electronic knowledge required, and you use the radio’s own S/RF panel meter or an inexpensive SWR meter for tuning. Our T/M Reports also include mike wiring and crystal or PLL information for each specific model.

All of our CB TUNE-UP and MODIFICATION REPORTS are written in the same no-nonsense, plain language style that’s already made THE "SCREWDRIVER EXPERT'S" GUIDE the authority on do-it-yourself repairs. In these reports we show only the main adjustments for transmit power, modulation, and receiver sensitivity—no guessing at which controls and which parts do what. And each T/M Report is specially prepared just for you.

Parts layout showing where to find the main adjustments for receiver sensitivity and AM or SSB power output and modulation. Includes simple tuning instructions.
Basic description of the rig’s PLL or crystal synthesizer. Helps you find dead channel problems, or modify your CB for extra frequencies. Detailed, simple explanation of PLL channel modifications that you can often make using only a handful of parts or wires.
For SSB radios, how to "strap over" the Clarifier to slide in TRANSMIT mode too.
Mike wiring connections. No more guessing how to rewire a broken mike, or how to install a new one.

Here’s the perfect layman’s guide for anyone who wants the maximum performance from a CB radio. And how to get it without lots of previous electronic know-how or expensive special equipment. Even if you have no service information available, you’ll know what to do and how to do it for your CB model. Order one today!

When ordering...
Specify the manufacturer’s exact name and model. For example, a name like "Sears Roadtalker" is totally useless because most Sears models are called "Roadtalker."  An answer like "Sears 934.3831" is the kind of detail we need.

These Reports are for base & mobile CBs only; no reports for Walkie-Talkies, or any 10M Ham rigs (HR2510, HTX100, RCI2950, etc.)

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